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Hyperlocal climate engineering for agro


We understand microclimates

The Climate Box delivers innovative tools to help growers cope with extreme climate variability due to climate change.  We focus on the understanding of the hyperlocal temperatures occurring throughout the year at a given orchard/vineyard to propose real time  adaptive management measures. 

  • lack/deficit of chill hours due to warmer winters

  • increased frost damage due to early flowering

  • decrease of diurnal temperature range at various phenology stages and pre-harvest period due to daily minimum temperatures warming faster than daily maximum temperatures

  • delayed or shortened growing season 

  • unsuitability of growing in the current area- alternatives for migration

  • and more  


About our Technology

We compute the hyperlocal temperature map under calm and clear conditions (nights in which microclimates are developed) with our propietary software and deliver a real-time monitoring platform with precise recommendations on passive and active measures (aimed to cool/warm the plants at the microclimates as needed) targeted for distinctive area of the orchard/vineyard.

The real time recommendations are given via a dedicated web platform with monitoring capabilities including geo-referenced maps and a weather forecast module.

We use existing temperatures records at nearby and on-site  weather stations, coupled with simulated temperatures with our own fluid dynamic model  and a few temperature sensors that are deployed in the field via our partners to obtain a comprehensive description of the hyperlocal climate. 

Cold air drainage showing microclimates
at a vineyard in Napa, California

Features & Benefits

The recommendations given via our platform include

  • management of cold air drainage from outside and within the orchard/vineyard

  • natural barriers management

  • soil management

  • crop foliage management

  • timing of RBA (Rest Breaking Agents) application  

  • timing of other applications

  • design of location and passive/active measures for new plantings

Our Team

Rafael Terra - Co-founder

Rafael holds a PhD in Atmospheric Sciences from UCLA, California. Climate expert with vast experience in  agriculture applications 

Gabriel Usera - Co-founder

Gabriel holds a PhD from Universitat Rovira i Virgili,  Spain. Computational fluid dynamics expert with long experience im modeling agriculture systems  

Pedro Mastrangelo


Pedro holds an engineering degree from UDELAR, Uruguay with postgraduate studies in University of Santa Clara, California. +20 years of experience deploying AgriTech in more than 20 countries


Our Experience

We draw from +20 years of experience developing products/services for managing agro microclimates,  analyzing frost risk and designing the application of the groundbreaking SIS frost protection system. We have analyzed cases from more than 1000 farms in the US, Europe, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand, Mexico, South America in vineyards, apples, pears, cherries, avocados, pistachios, almonds, nuts, peaches, olives, citrus, berries, grain crops and many more.


Sonoma, California


Napa Valley, California


New Zealand


Free State, South Africa




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Gabriel Usera

Co-founder. PhD from Tarragona, Spain. Expert on numerical fluid simulation

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